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Michael Blackwood Productions, Inc. is an independent film company producing documentaries on the arts. We are interested in architecture and architects, art and artists, dance and choreographers, and music and composers, with much emphasis on current developments. A few of our titles deal with literature, history, film history, and science. We use the medium artfully to document the ideas, creations, and personalities in these disciplines, without trying to make works of art ourselves. The aim is to create a steadily growing documentation of significant advances in our time.

New Prices

Carroll Dunham

The Artist's Studio
Carroll Dunham

New Prices


$330 $250 
$230$200 (Titles with a running time of up to 28 minutes)

Our purchase price reduction is intended also to encourage institutions to upgrade their VHS cassettes to DVDs.
Substantial orders of 5 or more titles will receive an additional discount of 20%.


$100 $ 60


For more information, see Orders by Institutions and Orders by Individuals.