Robert Rauschenberg

directed by Michael Blackwood
45 minutes, color


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Rauschenberg's active involvement with life carries over into his painting. The combine-painting of the 1950s integrated two- and three-dimensional elements and inhabited both wall and floor space. These assemblages included discarded thrift shop-type objects such as automobile tires, stuffed birds, doors, and electric light fixtures, as well as the two-dimensional painterly surfaces reminiscent of Abstract Expressionism. This intense injection of real objects into his work was translated into another medium in the early 1960s: silkscreen painting. Robert Rauschenberg: Retrospective includes important examples of the artist's diverse and extraordinary accomplishments, tracing his development from his student years and his earliest experiments to a retrospective of his work at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Robert Rauschenberg
© Charles Yoder
Robert Rauschenberg 1925 -- 2008
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