Roger Corman
Hollywood's Wild Angel

directed by Christian Blackwood
58 minutes, color  re-release


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A portrait of the king of "B Movies", as Roger Corman is often called, by Christian Blackwood, at the time himself an aspiring fiction film director. This documentary was made in 1977/78 when Corman was at the height of his career producing low budget movies which began in the 1950's. The directors of his films were young promising start-ups with little experience but large ambitions. Many of them became familiar faces on Hollywood sets subsequently, making films on budgets that would have been sufficient to realize a dozen Corman films, or possibly more. 

with the participation of

Roger Corman
Ron Howard
David Carradine
Paul Bartel
Allen Arkush
Joe Dante
Peter Fonda
Martin Scorsese
Peter Bogdanovich

Christian Blackwood

Roger Corman

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